About us

Hi all

I’m Lyn

Born & raised in Bishop Auckland County Durham, worked for myself for quite a few years in a couple of different businesses from catering, sweet shop to events & even working on Emmerdale and now currently have a sandwich shop in the Town which i opened 9 years ago and as much as i love helping behind the scenes at Canny Comps Glen’s the boss in that one, so he believes 😉

We have one son & future daughter-in-law who we are both so proud of and one amazing granddaughter x

In my spare time i like to : Go hiking

My favourite food is: Italian


Hi all

I’m Glen

Met Lyn while i was serving on Submarines then we married in Las Vegas in 2002. What happens in Vegas 😉

After 10yrs service i left the Royal Navy due to cancer in my neck and had a few tough years what with radiation treatments, different operations etc and then suffered bowel disease which is now cured.

Joined Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service as a firefighter during covid (think i was bored and like to stay busy haha) of which i love helping the community and all the varied jobs and incidents that we attend and still do this part time.

Took over a year of planning for Canny Comps, acquiring correct licence and legal paperwork etc and then we launched 1yr ago in June 2023. The fact your reading this you know how much i love doing Canny Comps and the laughs we have with you all in our Canny Community.

In my spare time i like to : Work as an advocate around the UK helping those suffering from bowel disease and go hiking

Top 3 life’s achievements: My family – Meeting the Queen & climbing Kilimanjaro to show support & raise awareness for people with a stoma.